Murkowski questions EPA chief

    Washington, DC (KINY) US Senator Lisa Murkowski (R) was among Senators who chided US Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt at a hearing on Capital Hill.

    Sen. Murkowski at first praised Pruitt for following through on relaxation of regulations that impact Alaska like the Waters of the USA, wetlands, and mining issues.  She also found fault in constant news reports of scandals in the EPA.

    Instead of articles about your efforts to return the agency to its core mission, I'm reading about your interactions with representatives of industries that you regulate.  Now some of this undoubtedly is the result of the Gotcha age that we live in today that dominates politics of today.  I do think there are legitimate questions that need to be answered."

    Senator Lisa Murkowski says she has to answer questions about EPA scandals all the time

    According to Wikipedia, Mr. Pruitt was under at least 11 separate investigations by the Government Accountability Office, the E.P.A. inspector general, the White House Office of Management and Budget, and two House committees over his spending habits, conflicts of interests and management practices.

    The claims include Pruitt made frequent use of first class travel, as well as frequent charter and military flights. As EPA administrator, Pruitt leased a condo in Washington D.C. at a deeply discounted rate from a lobbyist whose clients were regulated by the EPA. Pruitt further caused ethics concerns by circumventing the White House and using a narrow provision of the Safe Drinking Water Act to autonomously give raises to his two closest aides of approximately $28,000 and $57,000 each, which were substantially higher than salaries paid to those in similar positions in the Obama administration, and which allowed both to avoid signing conflicts of interest pledges.

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