Juneau could see 10 inches of rain

    A recent landslide in Craig. Rainy weather is increasing the risks of slides this week.

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Juneau remained in a flood watch until late Wednesday as the National Weather Service forecasts between five and ten inches of rain for much of Southeast Alaska.

    The CBJ warned the community about possible mudslides and avalanches due to the weather.

    Officials said the recent freeze-thaw cycle and saturated conditions could destabilize the ground and snow and cause the mudslides.

    The NWS said flooding of small streams and creeks could occur with the risk of debris flowing near steep terrain.

    CBJ Docks & Harbors requested all boat owners to check their vessels during the stormy weather to make sure that mooring lines are secure, pumps are operating correctly and boats are not collecting rainwater.

    Juneau International Airport officials asked all float pond tenants to address any issues with their aircraft or float dock that might be affected by the bad weather.



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