Southeast Conference enthused about Alaska Airlines idea to convert waste to fuel

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - The Southeast Conference has been trying to figure out for years a more economical way for communities to get rid of their trash.

    Barging garbage south is an expensive proposition.  An answer may be coming via Alaska Airlines which is working with a company to figure out how to produce sustainable aviation fuel from municipal solid waste.

    Southeast Conference Executive Director Robert Venables believes it's incredible that Alaska Airlines, especially with all of the severe fiscal losses during the pandemic, would continue to pioneer energy issues like this.  

    "Southeast Conference has worked for years to find solutions to the municipal solid waste issues in the region.  It is exciting to think that there may be a future where these waste streams could be converted into fuel feedstock and useful energy, instead of just an added expense to a landfill or shipping out of safe.  We will certainly watch with interest as this technology evolves and becomes adaptable on a regional level."


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