Twitchell earns prestigious award

    X'unei Lance Twitchell. Photo courtesy of UAS.

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - UAS Native language professor X'unei Lance Twitchell was honored with the First Alaskans Institute Young Native Leader Award Monday.

    The First Alaskans Institute Young Native Leader Award is given to those who have shown dedicated work to help Native peoples and communities with significant and profound purpose.

    Twitchell carries the Tlingit names X'unei, Du Aaani Kawdinook, and Yoo Kaawajigi Yeil, and the Haida name K'eijaakw.

    He also speaks and studies the Tlingit language, advocates for indigenous language revitalization and is an Assistant Professor of Alaska Native Languages at UAS.

    He is also a multimedia Northwest Coast Artist and musician.

    He advocated for the state to officially recognize Alaska Native languages and the declaration of linguistic emergency to call attention to the suppression of native languages and reconciliation efforts.

    UAS Chancellor Karen Carey said X'unei is very deserving of the award, "He works tirelessly to promote indigenous languages and cultures and I know we will all benefit from his important work.  He is highly respected by his students and the UAS community."














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