Young speaks out against statue removal

    Ketchikan, Alaska (KINY) - Alaska Congressman Don Young is not a fan of the removal of historical statues around the nation.

    Young, on an interview on First City Forum in Ketchikan, said the preservation of history is important to any country, "They forget why we were great and how we got where we are."

    Young blamed colleges for the development of left-wing socialists that believe the one way to care for everybody is through the government. 

    He added when this happens individuals lose their choices and their freedoms.

    In Alaska, efforts are underway to try and remove statues of Alexander Baranov in Sitka, Captain William Cook in Anchorage, and William Seward in Juneau.

    Young said he has been surprised that many statues have been removed, "This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever witnessed amongst a society.  I give credit to the French Prime Minister who refused to remove statues.  History is what we live on.  If you don't know where you've been you won't know where you're going."



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